Friday, 3 January 2014

Convicts 4 (1962)


Ben Gazzara as John Resko

Stuart Whitman as Principal keeper

Rod Steiger as 'Tiptoes'

Ray Walston as Iggy

Dodie Stevens as Resko's sister

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Shriek in the Night (1933)


Ginger Rogers as Pat Morgan

Lyle Talbot as Ted Rand

Harvey Clark as Peterson, the janitor

Purnell Pratt as Inspector Russell

Lillian Harmer as Augusta, the housekeeper

Arthur Hoyt as Wilfred

Louise Beavers as Maid (Credited as Louise Beaver)

Clarence Wilson as Editor Perkins

Maurice Black as Josephus Martini (uncredited)

James Farley as Detective Jim Brown (uncredited)

Cyril Ring as Eddie, morgue attendant (uncredited)

Dick Rush as Policeman in hallway (uncredited)

Tiny Sandford as Eddie, the detective (uncredited)

Unknown as Bell boy

Unknown as Willie, newspaper man

Unknown as Editor's assistant

Unknown as Reporters behind Lyle Talbot

Unknown as Reporters in hallway

Unknown as Police dispatcher

Unknown as Telephone switchboard operator

Unknown as Uniformed cop

Unknown as Doctor #1 (left)

Unknown as Doctor #2

Unknown as Cab driver

Unknowns as Seated lady and man in background.

Unknown as Seated man #1

Unknown as Seated man #2

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Midnight Phantom (1935)


Reginald Denny as Prof. David Graham

Lloyd Hughes as Lieut. Dan Burke

Claudia Dell as Diana Sullivan (opening credits incorrectly say 'Diane')

James Farley as Chief James Sullivan

Barbara Beford as Kathleen Ryan

Mary Foy as Mary Ryan

Al St. John as Radio officer, Jones

John Elliott as Capt. Bill Withers

Francis Sayles as Police Surgeon Kelly

Henry Roquemore as Dr. McNeil

Lee Prather as Capt. Perkins

Robert Walker as Capt. Jim Phillips

Jack Kenny as Inspector Silverstein

Eddie Davis as Con man in showup room

Harley Wood as Mary Withers

Arthur Thalasso as Police officer

Unknown detective #1

Unknown detective #2

Unknown detective #3

Unknown as Labin

Unknown as Finnegan

Unknown man in showup room #1

Unknown woman in showup room #1

Unknown woman in showup room #2

Unknown man in showup room #2

Unknown cop #1

Unknown cop #2

Unknown detective #4

Unknown gangster (dying)